Electroacoustic Work

As a graduate in Electroacoustic music, I created some abstract pieces from various sound sources such as field recordings, synthesis and sampling.

Created from two distinct sound universes, a new entity builds itself, rise, as another part takes care of undoing, deforming, refusing itself to evolve in its materials.
The piece was produced entirely from the sampling of two different films, with the aim of giving life to a new sound ensemble.

A Walk in an Unknown Time
The piece invites to travel in an unknown space and time window, a landscape that already existed before, continuing to unfold and changes as you listen. We go on, observing the elements close to us, pass through them, then we turn to look at the distance, getting back on our steps to have a new point of view, etc ...

À la dérive

Hypnagogia pt2.

You can listen to some other works on my soundcloud page HERE